Residential and Home Office Organizing

home office organizing sorted outOur home is our place to retreat, recoup and re-energize.  Not just for us, but also for our children, family & even friends.  Our home can be a peaceful place to welcome others.  But, if you feel your home is anything but peaceful, rather more like chaotic, disorganized and overwhelming – then read further.  There is hope!

Sorted Out is in the business of bringing order to disorder, systems & routines to chaos, and progress to an overwhelming situation.  We are in the business of changing lives by giving people more time back in their day, more order to their steps, and more peace in their home through the process of getting organized.  We help our clients save time by giving them a functional space that helps them be more productive in life, which also saves them money because they are not buying duplicate items, can plan for expenses, and have more time to make money if that is the desired result.  If this sounds appealing, then give Sorted Out a call to learn more, or to book an appointment.


Our Process

Sorted Out is a “hands on” service.  Our professional organizers are physically working in your space to get it organized and managing the project from start to finish.  Our process starts with an overall assessment of the organizing project.  Through our assessment, we make recommendations on where to begin and what steps to take, and we tailor a plan that fits your needs.  The next step is the first organizing session, which is a four hour minimum appointment.  In our years of organizing, it takes at least four hours to make truly visible results and lasting changes in an area.

Many people ask if we will make them get rid of all their stuff.  The simple answer to that question is no.  These are your belongings and we take very seriously the trust you put in Sorted Out to come into your home and organize your area.  If we see a trend in a particular item, we will coach you through the process of eliminating too much of one item or items, and coach you on the negative affects that these items might pose in your goal to become organized.  However, you must, ultimately, make the decision on whether or not something stays or goes.


Your Needs

The organizers at Sorted Out are experienced and know that not all clients are the same.  We implement unique, and custom solutions that fits our client’s needs, lifestyle and goals.  And, if the project requires additional assistance, we have a whole team of vendors behind us that we can call upon to get the job done.  Our organizers are project managers and are skilled at completing small & large projects.


Residential Services

If you are wondering where to start…dream big!  Here is a list to get you thinking.  Sorted Out can organize any area of your home, and whether we take on the whole house as a project, or just one area, our goal is to inspire you to live a more organized life.


  • Kitchen/Pantry
  • Bathrooms
  • Closet organization
  • Living areas
  • Bedrooms
  • Media/game rooms
  • Home offices/paper
  • Communication/bills systems
  • Memorabilia
  • Garage/attic
  • Play room/toy storage
  • Outdoor rooms
  • Time management


 Moving & Relocation Organization Services

Moving is considered to be one of the most stressful events in our lives. Most people dread move in day- so much unpacking, organizing and decorating, so little time with busy schedules. We’ll help you manage a lifestyle change when you are upsizing, downsizing, or rightsizing. Our team of caring and experienced organizers can assist you throughout the overwhelming task of moving into a new home. Imagine walking into your newly organized home and everything has a home? We can do that for you!

Unpacking and Organizing Services

  • We tailor the perfect way to organize your home.
  • Closets, cupboards, shelves and cabinets — all neat and perfectly organized. We can also line all your cabinets to protect your new investment.
  • Furniture and accessories tastefully arranged.

Pre-Move Organizing
Why pay to move what you don’t need? Purge-Purge-Purge!

Before moving day we can…

  • Help you decide what NOT to move.
  • Help with disbursements, donating to charity.
  • Organize your things for efficient packing.

Move Planning and Coordination
Don’t sweat the details! Let our expert organizers coordinate your move.

  • Create an action plan and move calendar. We give you a customized game plan document to follow so everyone knows what’s going on.
  • Securing bids from reputable moving companies.
  • Coordinate moving companies, realtors, stagers, utility companies, etc.
  • Get boxes and moving supplies to your home.

Our Commitment

Whether we are organizing your whole house, or just one area, you will see visible results at the end of each visit.  Our organizers know how to narrow the scope of a project into bite-sized pieces, leaving you with a completed project each time.  At the end of each day, we will take as many donations as we can (if desired), and we have resources to call upon to get rid of larger items.


Call Today

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