I am concerned about what you will see in my home. Do you guarantee confidentiality?

Yes, all of our work is confidential. We can provide you with our confidentially agreement prior at the time of our consultation at your request. We may take pictures of your project, however no names will be released and people will not be included in the photos. You can feel confident that you can trust our staff organizers with your complete project.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my first appointment?
Because we have a team of staff organizers trained, we can usually start your project the same week or by the next week you call. During busy periods, we may be booked out two to three weeks in advance, however we do have a waiting list that we refer to for cancellations.

How much does your service cost?
We like to view the cost of our services as an investment in the way you choose to live an organized life. The cost of each project varies based on the amount of things you have that need organized and how quickly we all work together. Every situation is unique and we will take your budget into consideration when we visit for your consultation.

Do you charge by the hour or by the project?
Sorted Out charges by the hour and we have a four hour minimum. However if we are working separate from the client, they may opt for us to work the entire day. We will customize a schedule that fits your needs.

How long will it take to organize my home?
The amount of time it will take us depends on a few things. Keep in mind every situation is different and we are trained organizers to help the process move along as quickly as we can.

How much stuff you would like us to organize.
How quickly you can make decisions about what to keep and what to donate.
How available you are to organize with Sorted Out.

What can I expect when I hire Sorted Out?
You can expect appointments to fit your needs when you work with us. All of our organizers will walk through the home with you for the consultation and if you agree to start organizing, we will schedule our first four hour session at that time. Sorted Out will determine what your priorities are for the project and what your goals are.

Do you do the shopping for organizational products or do I have to do this?
We will do the shopping for you if you’d like. Normally, our clients don’t have the time and they are not sure what to purchase. We charge our normal hourly rate for shopping and we DO NOT up charge our products. We are in the business of organizing not retail. If you decide you want to do the shopping, we can make you a list and tell you where to go to get the items that are needed to finish your project.

How does the process work once you come into my home or office?
Sorted Out will bring the necessary supplies to start sorting the items that need to be organized. The client normally is included in this process but is not required. Then, after sorting the things that need to be organized we will then access the “stuff” and make a list of supplies we will need to finish the project. Keep in mind this process doesn’t happen overnight and may take some time and commitment, but surely we will get you Sorted Out too!