Testimonials for Michelle

Michelle Brooks

Having spent the last three years caring for, then being with my husband in the hospital for several months, nothing but “the basics” got done in my home. I had a room that once was a joy to be in that now had become the “hidden” storage of bags of mail and advertisements, stacks of books that needed to be culled and donated or sold, stitchery crafts I wanted to make, as well as items I had bought as gifts but not yet distributed. It was a project that was too overwhelming to tackle on my own and Michelle came in, organized it all so I could view and decision these things. She then helped organize what I would keep, what I would put in storage and what I could bless someone else with as a donation. Her system allowed me to easily view and access those items and now each item has a place. It’s a weight off to not dread having to find something in all the stacks and I’ll keep using her to tackle other rooms of my home!
Katherine R.
Dallas, TX

Michelle is incredibly talented and has a keen eye for organizing spaces of all types! I recently moved and Michelle helped organize my home office, as well as my business storage shed. I am a very organized person, being an event planner, but my own space is always the last to get my attention. After I moved, I wanted my new space to have a fresh start and begin by being super organized. I needed some professional guidance to accomplish this task. Michelle asked the right questions and listened, really listened, to what I said and needed. Her goal is to make my space highly functional for me and what I do in my office on a daily basis. She helped me sort through things, get rid of unnecessary items and make what was needed accessible and easy to access. And of course, it looks amazing too. I also have a new storage shed, for event items, that needed shelving. Michelle created a space plan for the shed and what specifically I was going to have in it and my boyfriend used those plans to build my custom shelves. Once that was done, Michelle created a plan so that all the items are easy to see and find and we maximize the use of a very small space. While sorting and organizing is not always the most fun thing for some people, Michelle makes it so enjoyable with her bubbly personality. I highly recommend Michelle to help you organize your life, home, office, small business, garage or any space you need some help with! You will be so glad you found her.
Melanie H.
Plano, TX

Whether you are cleaning out a closet, room or home Michelle Brooks is your gal! I hired her to help me with my pantry and my home office to get them in some sort of order…especially my office closet! Michelle is gentle and kind to help with those decisions on items to keep, sell or give away. She is also bold enough to help you make those tough decisions when it’s time to let something go. I am grateful for her gift of organization and will definitely hire her again.
Leigh Ann S.
Dallas, TX